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For many people, Alaska is the land of ice, snow and long winter where Grizzly bears, moose and wolves rule. For many Europeans, Alaska landscape is often inhospitable and almost inaccessible.

My own experience is a little different. Sure, best period for visiting is short because Alaska winter lasts nearly three quarters of a year. On the other hand, Europeans can get used to very easily even in this winter period. An example might be a guide who took care of us throughout the stay. It is a young girl who came from Pilsen to Alaska 14 years ago. This beautiful country absolutely captivated her.

As many know, Alaska belonged to Russia in the past. Russians intervened in the life of Alaska quite significantly, but did not settle here in large numbers. Even now you can find typical Russian village, you can visit a restaurant serving Russian cuisine and also symbols of the Russian Orthodox Church are strongly represented.

The original inhabitants of Alaska represent approximately 20% of the state population. Not all are Eskimos. This is our misconception. For example, a large part of the territory is inhabited by Athabaskan, the relatives of the first inhabitants of Canada.

After the United States purchased Alaska, many settlers settled here, mainly Western European origin, mostly German and Irish. Currently residents are much more diverse.

Livelihood is not easy there. Tourism takes only a quarter of a year. Beyond this period is necessary to ensure livelihood in any other way. Many residents hunt to secure themselves. Locals produce and sell gifts and souvenirs, work in hospitality industry. They often travel long distance to work, because many of them work for Trans- Alaska pipeline system.

The vast majority of the Alaskan territory is open to public, but not accessible by car. There are areas where you can travel only on horseback, to some locations you get only by plane. What is very special to me that one of the locations, not accessible by road, is main city Juneau.


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